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MP3 Filename Configuration

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MP3 Filename Configuration

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MP3 Filename Configuration

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MP3 Filename Configuration


This the older style MP3 view, in which you pick tags and they show instead of the regular filename. To turn it on, use the Options menu item MP3 Info Configuration.


When you use MP3 Info, on every MP3 found FolderPrint Plus will try to extract extra information, which will be added to the displayed and printed filename, or to the MP3 Columns in the grid. The information will be added based on the format you choose.


The standard format string is now %FILENAME%. If you want to use the grid columns, you don't need to change this.


To make your format string, add text from the following options:


Information on all MP3 files:

%FILENAME% - original filename (with extension)

%FULLNAME% - dir+filename (with extension)

%NAME% - filename, without extension

%LENGTH% - Total length in hours:minutes:seconds

%FREQ% - Frequency of the sampling used

%BITRATE% - Bitrate Ex: 128 KBps


Information based on ID3 tag, which may not be available for many MP3 files:

%TITLE% - Title

%ARTIST% - Artist

%ALBUM% - Album name

%TRACK% - Track number

%YEAR% - Year of release

%GENRE% - Song genre

%COMMENT% - Comment


For Example:

The string %FILENAME%  - %LENGTH% - %BITRATE%


would result in the following for the song "Napster and Gnutella":


Napster_and_Gnutella.mp3  - 0:03:46 - 128 KBps


Note: the resulting name is only used for display, not as a real filename. You may use special chars.