Check for Updates

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Check for Updates


STG FolderPrint Plus has an auto-update feature that checks our servers for new versions and newsletters every 5 days.

If a version newer than the one you have is available, it will show you a dialog with details and an option to continue or cancel. If you continue, an option to download the new version will appear, and/or the program will offer to download, install and restart automatically.


The first time the program runs it will ask you if it should enable this feature. You can change it after the first time by using menu Help, item Check for Updates.

You can also use menu Help, item Check for Updates Now to have it check instead.


The standard HTTP Port (80) is used. If your firewall blocks STG FolderPrint Plus or it requires a proxy authentication, it may fail. You may also need to create an exception for STG FolderPrint Plus in your personal firewall. Many firewalls will ask you the first time STG FolderPrint Plus checks for updates.




The auto-update system sends the regular browser information (IP address, OS version - it's similar to visiting any of our pages with a web browser) and your serial number (not the key) for the program, so that we can provide extra information for paid upgrades.