Links - Programming

Publications (both paper and net)

Delphi3000 - excellent article collection
The Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users
Informant Communications Group (Including Delphi Informant)
DelphiZine - the excellent Delphi Informant site, lots of very good articles
The Coriolis Group
Pinnacle Publishing - several publications, including Delphi Developer

Delphi Tools

Astatech The Best N-Tier Components. The easy way to access your DBs through the net.
ElevateSoft, home of DBISAM, the best embedded db engine for Delphi.
TMS Software Great (and cheap!) component collection, including a very nice grid with lots of features.
Developer Express Great components, including the QuantumGrid, easily the best grid available for Delphi. A bit pricey, though.
EFD systems Several tools, in particular, Hyperstring, a great string manipulation library.

Delphi Sites

efg's Computer Lab filled with articles and links, specially great in anything related to graphics.
VCL-Components Component repository.
Delphi Pages Component repository, also some articles/reviews/etc.
Delphi Super Page (USA mirror) Component/tools repository.


Books on XML and XSLT


WebTools - XML toolbox Several interesting articles
The Basics of Parsing XML in Delphi 5 - by Charles Calvert
Article on using XML with SAX on Delphi.
Article on Creating XML from a dataset.
Several Examples on XML and XSL on Delphi
How to Redistribute the Microsoft XML Parser


Native XML parser for Delphi - Open Source
Open XML Native XML parser for Delphi - Open Source - Dom Level 2
Native XML parser for Delphi - Commercial
MSDN Online XML Developer Center

CD-R Libraries

CD-R Writing
  • Magic CD Burner Delphi/C++ Builder toolkit. Seems to have a lot of features and source is available. Price seems reasonable as well - US$199 without source.
  • Fireburner - according to the developer: "My library is now CLX based and cross-platform. You can add burning functionality to both Linux and Windows based apps. Cost is $3000 plus 5% royality for full source code and 1 year free updates."
  • CD-Wizard SDK - ActiveX, starts at US$5000
  • Gear.wks.Toolkit
  • Vision Factory - ActiveX, free for private use, US$50 for a commercial license
  • Hiat - US$500, seems to be audio CD recording only
  • RSJ CD Writer - this is not a library, but an end-user program that let you write to CDs as if they were floppies. Seems to use standard ISO9660, which is an advantage on DirectCD. US$35 for the Win9x version, US$110 for the NT/2000 version. May be useful for developers that only need to automate CD writing. 29/Jun/2001 Update: A visitor to this page kindly pointed out that they have an API that you can use (tested with VC++ and VB). Note that of course your users need to have a installed copy for you to use the API from your app.
  • CoolDev CDRWLib SDK DLL based, US$199 without source.
  • InstantDisc SDK - ActiveX toolkit, US$14,999 unlimited, US$4999 with Royalties. Seems quite complete.
  • Nugroovs, several products (ActiveX):
        CDWriterXA - Burn Audio CDs from .mp3 and .wav files to your CDR/W - US$229
        NuCDR - Write data and audio tracks to your CDR/W - US$299
        CDRipperX - Digitally Extract CD Audio - US$169

    CD-DA Extractor
  • Akrip - Open Source Extractor - dll Delphi Interface

    Other resources

    Wotsit's File Format Collection If you need information on a file format, that is the best place to go.
    Delphi / InterBase WebLog Very Interesting collection of links and news for Delphi and Interbase developers. Updated very frequently.
    Artificial Intelligence in Games Easily the best page on the field I've ever seen. If you're interested in the subject, a must see.