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Cache Audit
Easily see site, URL, cookies and history lists on the Internet Explorer cache

STG Cache Audit is an advanced, easy to use tool to extract information from the Internet Explorer cache.
View, Export (Excel, CSV, Text and HTML planned) and print the cache lists.
Beta now available!

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Find out where your competition is listed - and you aren't!
An easy to use link comparison utility.

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STG Picture Merge
A simple, easy to use program to merge two pictures into a third one, with a degree of transparency chosen by the user.

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MonthPlan is a very simple utility, originally developed from a request in alt.comp.freeware, for an utility that could do meal plan calendars.

We kept it as simple as possible, so it could be used for anything where you would want a calendar where you pick daily items from a hierarchy of items.

Choose the month, then click on a day to edit it. You can also navigate with the cursor keys and press Enter.

In the edit day screen, the box on the left can be directly edited. Double-Click on the listbox items or press Enter on focused items to add them to the left edit box.

You can edit the list with the + buttons (one for the category, one for the items), or edit the INI that contains the data directly.

On the main screen, you can change the top title, Open, Save or Print a calendar (save does not save title) or start an item report.

New on 0.31:(05/Oct/2001)

  • Item Reports
  • Help file

Calendar view:

Daily Edit view:

Download (Version 0.3 - 331KB)

STG TimeCalc
A very simple program to add times or subtract date/times. It has 3 different modes- date/time, date and time. Dates are always ignored when adding (after all, what should be the result of a date sum?). I decided not to use the standard calculator style, I think it looks confusing. There is a Carry Time button, if you want to carry time from the result to the first time field.

New on 0.2:(21/Sep)
New Date screen: Just choose from the two calendars on Date mode, and the results pane will show the result in:
  • years,months and days
  • weeks and days
  • number of days

New on 0.3:(05/Oct)
  • On-line help

Date Mode Screen:

Date/Time Mode Screen:

Download (Version 0.3 - 248KB)