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Grid Use

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Grid Use

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Grid Use

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Grid Use


Operations with files or folders:

 Double-Click on the item to Open. Right-click to access a pop-up menu with the following options:

 1) Open Containing folder: Opens directory that contains item

 2) Open : Open item

 3) Edit: Modify item name. This won't modify the actual file. You can use this to add comments to the name.

 4) Describe (F3): sets column Description. Also saves the descriptions if Use Descript.ion is on.

 5) Delete: moves file to Recycle Bin.

 6) Rename: Renames a file or shows the Multiple File Rename dialog.

 7) Remove from List: This won't modify the actual file. You can use this to remove files you don't want in your listing.

 8) Properties: Show item properties



 You can rename by pressing F2 or right-clicking on an item and choosing Rename.



 You can drag files or folders to Windows Explorer windows. They will be copied or moved, using the normal Windows logic in such cases. You can hold the standard modifier keys, which are Ctrl - Copy,  Shift - Move and Alt - Create Shortcuts.




 Click on the header of column you want to sort. The arrow on its right side will show if the sort is ascending or descending. You can also sort by multiple columns by holding shift while clicking on more than one column.




  You can change the sequence of the columns by drag & dropping the headers in another sequence.




  Just drag and drop the border of a header.




 Click on a cell on any column. Then start typing. The first corresponding value found will be show. You can search up and down other matching values by using Ctrl-Enter and Shift-Enter. You can also search by any text in Name, Description and Version Info using Ctrl+F.




 Choose the Options item in the menu, then Customize the Columns. Check the boxes for the columns you want or uncheck for columns you'd like removed.


  Optionally, right-click on the header and use the menu-style for faster changes.


Expanding All Nodes in a Folder:


 Ctrl-Left Arrow and Ctrl-Right Arrow opens/closes all folders and sub-folders of the selected folder.


Opening a folder:


  Menu Tools, item Scan Folder re-scans using the folder as starting directory.

  Menu Tools, item Scan Folder in new windows opens one or more new FolderPrint window using the selected folder(s) as starting directory.


Note: The percent bar is logarithmic.