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Network Installs

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Network Installs

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Network Installs

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Network Installs


 Network installs are only available for Site Licenses.


 To use a network install, install first on your server and enter the key you received when you registered.


 Click on menu Help, item Generate Network Key File. This will save a special file to the application directory, named fpp.ini.


  Now you can run STG FolderPrint Plus by pointing the workstation at the server directory. When the file is detected, the key will be read and there will be no further install needed on the workstation (no shortcuts are created by the program). Saving print configuration files will also be suppressed.


 You can also put the program EXE, help file and key file to a CD or floppy and use it on any computers on your organization. Please note that in this case the program will save your preferences normally to the registry.


 If you require different behavior for network licenses please contact us with your suggestions.