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Flux Slider

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Flux Slider

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Flux Slider

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To use Flux Slider, please turn Generate HTML Slide Show AND Use Flux Slider.


Flux Slider (available at , under MIT License) is an image library that uses JQuery.


For the STGThumb user, there is very little you need to know. The slide shows generated by STGThumb point to a Google version of JQuery ( and include the contents of flux.min.js in every slide show that is generated.


However, you might want to know:


1. Some of the options of Flux Slider are not available from STGThumb. These can be edited on each slide show HTML file:


<script type="text/javascript">


         window.myFlux = new flux.slider('#slider',{










You can turn off autoplay, pagination, captions or controls by setting them to false.


2. If you have many slide shows, or are including the slider in another page, you can also strip the Javascript and put in a reference to a separate javascript file, such as <script type="text/javascript" src="flux.min.js"></script>


3. If you use images of different sizes, there might be artifacts such as image repetition. So we I recommend using images with similar sizes. You can use STGThumb to resize them to the same size, but only if they have the same size ratio.