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2.84 (12/Mar/2008)
  • Minor Fixes
    2.83 (04/Dec/2007)
  • Fixes filter problems
    2.82 (15/Nov/2007)
  • Minor fixes
    2.81 (13/Nov/2007)
  • Added Re-ordering of files by drag and drop.
  • Removed multi-threading for conversion.
    2.80 (04/Sep/2007)
  • Added auto-update system.
  • Minor Fixes.
    2.75 (26/Jun/2007)
  • Improved performance for multi-core processors.
  • Minor fixes.
    2.70 (21/Apr/2007)
  • Improved Quick View (slide show, thumb view).
    2.61 (23/Mar/2007)
  • Removed gdiplus.dll dependency.
    2.60 (03/Mar/2007)
  • Added command-line support.
  • Added cascading folder creation.
  • Added Explorer support.
    2.50 (30/Jan/2007)
  • Transitions on slideshows (IE only).
    2.40 (06/Sep/2006)
  • Added MPG and PSD support.
  • Improved AVI support.
    2.35 (06/Apr/2006)
  • F3 added as Describe shortcut.
  • Filename on Quick View.
  • Minor fixes.
    2.34 (22/Nov/2005)
  • Fixed Resized Copies not being generated.
  • Fixed Grayscale thumbnails problem.
  • Fixed HTML generation for changed extensions.
    2.33 (11/Nov/2005)
  • Drop Shadow filter now uses HTML background color and resizes properly.
  • Improved Selection Speed.
  • Change Preview Position starts at last position.
  • Minor Fixes (0 sizes on pure HTML albums).
    2.32 (29/Sep/2005)
  • Added extra filter options: Grayscale, Black and White and Drop Shadow.
    2.31 (11/Jul/2005)
  • Fixed error when using a 0 size
    2.3 (20/Jun/2005)
  • Minor Fixes (hints, watermark position)
  • Fixed error when overwriting graphics
  • Start and Destination folders history
    2.2 (16/Feb/2005)
  • 0/0 option on image dimensions for resize added
  • Center added to watermark position options.
  • Minor fixes
    2.1 (01/Dec/2004)
  • Watermark option added
    2.01 (21/Jun/2004)
  • LZW (GIF/TIFF) is now on by default.
    2.0 (14/Jun/2004)
  • Numerous minor interface changes.
  • Added Resize Copies to Thumbnail options. Allows smaller destinations image on Albums with only one step.
  • Added Vertical and Horizontal framed album types.
  • Added HTML Only to HTML Options. Generates HTML Only (no thumbnails or copies) when on.
  • Load Extra Picture Information added to Options Menu - allows faster scans in very large picture folders.
  • Extended extra data (EXIF/IPTC) removal. Removes non-standard tags too.
  • EXIF/IPTC added to file context menu. Allows viewing several EXIF/IPTC options.
  • Added View HTML and Slide Show on Done screen.
  • Added Show All Dialogs Again to Help menu.
  • Added Change Preview Position to Options menu. 
  • Added Background filename to HTML Options for Album and Slide Show.
  • Simpler Image Type options combo. Added button for custom types.
  • Added Image Size history to Thumbnail and Resize Copy sizes. 
  • Generate Files in Relative folders is now supported on HTML.
  • JPG DPI added to Settings. Allows you to set both X and Y DPI for JPGs.
  • Removed Multilingual support.
    1.95 (17/Sep/2003)
    Remove extra data (EXIF/IPTC) added to Settings (previously extra data was always removed).
    Shortcut added to Describe (F2).
    Open in New Window option added on HTML Options (previously always on).
    1.92 (03/Jul/2003)
  • LZW support added for registered users in the USA
  • Window positioning fixed.
    1.83 (08/Apr/2003)
  • Italian Language added.
  • Jpeg2000 support added.
  • Added file list Printing (Registered users Only).
  • Slide Show on/off is now in main screen.
  • Preview speed increase.
  • Thumbnail generation speed increased for Fast and Average re-sampling.
  • Copy original file option added.
  • Jpeg smoothing setting added.
    1.82 (27/Dec/2002)
  • Slideshow script fixed for Mozilla
    1.80 (18/Sep/2002)
  • Help switched to HTMLHelp.
  • Skip Scan option added (Settings).
    1.70 (25/June)
  • Description Support.
  • HTML Slide Show generation added.
  • STGThumb is now free only for personal use.
  • HTML Progress bar.
  • Relative thumbnail generation added.
  • Danish Language added.
  • Removed Local Drive mode.
    1.63 (28/Apr)
    1.62 (4/Apr)
  • Fixed bug with XP and Windows Classic Theme
  • Added Dutch and German Languages
    1.6 (12/Mar)
  • Spanish Language added
  • Tips on Start added
    1.55 (05/Mar)
  • Several bug fixes, including multiple HTML page Title/Links.
  • XP Themes Support
  • Resolution Information added
  • Multiple Interface Languages added (user translatable)
    1.5 (11/Nov)
  • New Options: Overwrite Existing Files. Allows you to skip reconverting thumbnails when modifying html options or adding new files.
  • New HTML Option: Thumbnail folder options. Allows you to keep your thumbnails in a different place from your HTML file.
  • New HTML Option: Alt Text. Allows you to choose the text that appears while the image is loading and when the mouse stops over it (on most browsers). This way you can have less text on the normal Thumb Text, and add the rest here and thus have less clutter.
  • New HTML Options: Multiple Pages. This generates several HTML files, based on the number of rows you want per file. Optionally, you can add the page number (1 of 3) to the title and links for all the pages on each page. 
    1.2 (01/Sep)
  • HTML Generation
  • Minor fixes
    1.1 (15/Jul)
  • New Settings Option: effects to apply to the thumbnail. Blur,Sharpen,Emboss, Fuzzy Blur
  • Quick View: double click to open on the internal file viewer
  • Drag and Drop: you can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer directly into the file list.
  • New Option: Only Convert Selected Files. Convert only selected files instead of all listed.
  • Progress screen during conversion
  • Overwrite warning
    1.0 (10/Jul)
    1.0 Beta First release (06/Jul/2001)