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How To Buy

   You may only use STGThumb without purchasing a license for personal use. Please read the license for more details.

   Buying gives you the right to use STGThumb for non-personal use, receive technical support and removes any trial limitations and watermarks. You also receive free upgrades for this major version (2.x) and for any new major version release within 3 months of your purchase. After that you will receive a discount when upgrading.

    A single user license costs only US$19.95 (Please note that prices may change without notice). Several payment methods are accepted, including most credit cards, checks, etc. Please check our order page for details.

    When you buy you will receive your personal key. Just open the Help/Enter Key menu item and enter the code you received to unlock the trial.

    To buy, go to our Order page at or click on menu Help, item Buy Now from the program.