Topic: Toolbar

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drex_module_1_image_1Full Collapse

drex_module_1_image_2 Minimizes the tree to the root


drex_module_1_image_3Full Expand

drex_module_1_image_4 Maximizes the tree


drex_module_1_image_5Show Grid

drex_module_1_image_6 Show Lines in the grid view


drex_module_1_image_7Auto Width

drex_module_1_image_8 Resizes the grid to fit the screen


drex_module_1_image_9Best Column Fit

drex_module_1_image_10 Resizes the columns so they all fit. If you have auto width on, it will still fit on the screen, but the columns will proportional that what they need.


drex_module_1_image_11Costumize Columns

drex_module_1_image_12 Allows you to insert/remove columns. Drag and drop the column headers to the small dialog that appears to make them disappear. If you want them back, drag and drop them to the grid.


drex_module_1_image_13Choose Main Font

drex_module_1_image_14 Chooses grid font. Applies to both the screen and printing.


drex_module_1_image_15Print Options

drex_module_1_image_16 Shows screen with printing options. More details on Print Options.


drex_module_1_image_17Copy To

drex_module_1_image_18 Copy currently chosen files to a selected folder.


drex_module_1_image_19Move to


Move currently chosen files to a selected folder.



drex_module_1_image_22Click and choose what format you would like to export the folder to. More details in Exporting



drex_module_1_image_24 Preview how your print-out will look like and choose extra options.



drex_module_1_image_26 Prints your folder